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Henrik von Scheel

Originator of the Industry 4.0 Concept

I present at many events every year – ranging from the largest Shows to the most prestigious niche ones. So far, DES|Digital Enterprise Show has been the most professional Show I have ever keynoted. While there you understand why it is known as the content-driven show that takes experience and quality to a next level


Katharyn White

Global CMO - T-Systems International GMBH

DES is a great opportunity for all; partners, clients, organization to come together to learn, to teach and to take one or 2 pragmatic steps to have a strategy even better as we go forward together


Jack Cheng

Co-Founder & Vice President - NIO

The show is fantastic! I can put passion into the stage – I did a lot of speech before but this was the most passionate ever!


Martha Thorne

Dean, IE Busines School

The architecture sector needs to incorporate the new 4.0 tools in a fluid way. It seems to me a fair in which exhibitors come with new ideas and a congress in which current issues are debated, combining architecture, construction and real estate.


Kyohei Shimada


As a visitor I am getting all the inspiration here also to think about what to do next


Ángeles Delgado

CEO - Fujitsu Spain

DES is a necessary EVENT that reflects that the digital transformation of companies, society and our country is a collaborative task

marc riera

Marc Riera

President at Future Fast Forward

eMobility Expo World Congress is a great idea because it gives us the opportunity to join more than 300 experts in the transformation of the sector. At the same time, we were able to discover new companies, innovations and technologies that will put Spain on the map of the future of eMobility.


Ana Isabel González

Logistics Director - Procter & Gamble

An event like Pick & Pack is the opportunity to attend presentations that provide interesting and relevant ideas and content for professionals in the sector.


Ferran Tarradellas

European Commission

The industry is getting ready for the fourth revolution and this can be seen on the stands at the showroom. I leave here with the impression that the industry is adjusting to the new rules from a positive point of view.


Sheree Atcheson

Tech Respect & Inclusion Manager - Deloitte

DES is fantastic, it’s great to bring together leaders from all different organizations to talk about the problems that we really need to talk like diversity inclusion, AI, robotics… having it all in one group it’s fantastic.


Jens Meggers

Senior Vice President - CISCO

If I can tell one thing this show is AMAZING, love being here , love the show, love the presentation. One thing I would like everyone to take home is look at your workplace and see your potentials and invest in digital technology to make your business better, make your teams more efficient, and then move faster than the competition, you can do it!


Donald Burns

Founder & CEO - The Restaurant Coach

HIP it’s an incredible venue for anyone who wants to improve their business; whether is a hotel, a restaurant, or a café… HIP is THE PLACE, because they have such and emphasis and focus on learning and becoming better. It is the PREMIERE


Carlos Gallego

Responsable Industry X.0 Iberia - Accenture

Advanced Factories is the meeting point for industry professionals. It is an environment for exchanging good practices and presenting new technologies.


Belén García

Director - Packnet

An event like Pick & Pack is of great relevance due to the visibility it gives us to entities. In these forums we can share ideas, projects and new visions. The congress is also very well organized and the panels are of great interest.


Nicolás Bermejo

Marketing Director - Saint Gobain

REBUILD is a fundamental event for us because it allows us to share our vision of the future and learn from the rest of the actors involved in the entire building process.


Eric Mora

Managing Director - Opentrends

An event like Pick&Pack is the opportunity to attend presentations that provide interesting and relevant ideas and content for professionals in the sector.


Jesús Sánchez

Founder & Chef 3* Michelín - Cenador de Amós

HIP is a meeting point for the sector where haute cuisine and companies from the sector coexist. This is where the difference is made. For us it is an unavoidable appointment, it marks a point of interest in which professionals are attentive to attend the event.


Anna Cassals

Head of Innovation - Celsa Group

Advanced Factories is an event that provides us with proximity, meeting points, networking and that allows us to find technological solutions and advances for manufacturing companies.

julia palle

Julia Pallé

Sustainability Director at Formula E

eMobility Expo World Congress is an essential event because it brings together all the key stakeholders on the same platform: technology providers, governments, NGOs representing, and they all come together here with a different piece of the problem and a different piece of the solution.


Tanja Krüger

Managing Director - Festo Resolto

I really like this format. It is very fresh, it is very different with those huge trade fairs we have specially in Germany. Here you find high-level experts you are talking about those very innovative subjects. I feel very comfortable here.


Benjamín Calleja

CEO - Livit

For me, what HIP contributes above all is Networking. In a single day, in a single space, I am able to make connections with people in the sector, share and inspire. For me, what the congress brings is essential.


Àngels Solans

Board Member- Unilever Food Solutions

For Unilever, HIP is a meeting point with our customers and the opportunity to present the latest innovations and trends that we see in the market. We are very proud to accompany HIP since its inception.


Julio Touza

Architec & Founder - Touza Arquitectos

REBUILD highlights the need to take advantage of new technologies and new materials. It is a meeting point where to discover solutions for the needs of the sector, as the lack of qualified workers for exemple.


Christina Clifton

Founder & CEO - CISCO

My experience here has been fantastic, I think this is one of the largest shows. HIP can bring awareness and all the topics that everyone is talking about and very important and they can be applied to their own businesses.


Per Melker

Group Vice President and General Manager, IDC

Digital Transformation Requires a New Way of Thinking. As a leading global intelligence company, IDC tracks and supports enterprises as they navigate through what is required to thrive in the digital economy. Digital Enterprise Show (DES) provided a platform for.


Viola Llewellyn

Co-Founder & President - OVAMBA

I was very excited when I was invited to come and speak at this event and even more excited and grateful to know that Spain, Madrid in particular sees itself as a full partner of the global landscape, technology, innovation and digital transformation.


Dani Garcia

Founder & Head Chef - Dani Garcia Group

I like trade shows because you always find synergies and innovations that you didn’t know. I also like the treatment that is given to the conferences at HIP because you can share the vision of the chef focused on the business world.


Norman Masià

Business Development - Hinojosa

Pick&Pack is an event that has broken with the classic concept of industrial fairs. It is really focused on providing professional content to exhibitors and visitors