Boosting Industries

Boosting industries

Leaders trust us to boost its business sectors


Hospitality Innovation Planet becomes the meeting point and innovation event for the HORECA sector. A creative epicenter that hotel and catering professionals shouldn’t miss.


We bring together the latest solutions on industrial automation, robotics and technologies to transform manufacturing plants into smart and digitalized factories.


Artificial intelligence, robotics, new processing and printing systems are transforming packaging businesses into highly efficient, intelligent and productive factories and warehouses.


Supply chain solutions as well as the strategic levers to stimulate innovation and competitiveness of companies are reunite at Pick&Pack.


Digital Transformation has swept across multiple industries. Companies are created to generate sustainable economic and social profits.

Dental Care

Dental professionals meets at Barcelona Dental Show to the most innovative oral health solutions for the development of their profession

Sustainable Mobility

eMobility Expo brings together the most innovative solutions to and the latest trends to achieve a more autonomous, secure, electrified and sustainable mobility.


REBUILD provides a unique platform of innovation to invigorate the sector of construction, renovation and the energy efficiency of houses and buildings.


TIS Summit provides the leaders of the tourism industry with a space for exchanging strategies, technological solutions and meetings to define the future for the next decade at tourism sector.

FoodTech & BioTech

FoodTech & BioTech

The production systems have advanced fastly in the last years. We are entering in a fundamental decade that places us in front of the biggest transformation in the history of the food industry: the 4.0 industry and cellular agriculture.



Robots & cobots are key technologies to improve competitiveness and productivity at any manufacturing sector



We firmly believe in the commitment to the environment, that is why sustainability is a way of working for us. We seek to work optimizing costs and using resources thinking green.